BetterZip 5.3 - Bug Fixes and Stability

Robert, 2022-11-15

It’s been a while since the last update, but BetterZip 5.2 has been running very well, and I have been busy working on BetterZip 6 already which I plan to release next spring. Anyway, there were a few user requests and bug fixes, I wanted to get out before the holiday season.

I added a size limit for tar archives to be listed in the Quick Look extension. Since compressed tar files can take a time proportionate to their size to list, it can stall the system for a long time, if you try to Quick Look a very large tar archive. If you ever run into this problem, set a size limit in BetterZip > Preferences > Quick Look.

Also, after users requested it, I added an option to not have the BetterZip icon in the Finder contextual menu, only a plain text menu entry.

Since Apple removed Python 2 from macOS, I had to rewrite the Alfred workflows. If you use Alfred, choose BetterZip > Install Alfred workflows from the menu to install the updated workflows.

Lastly, I fixed a few bugs and enhanced BetterZip’s stability.

Find all the details in the version history.

If you find any problems, please do get in touch and report them. Thanks!

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