BetterZip 5.0.1 Bug Fixes Released

Robert, 2020-06-17

Less than a week ago I released BetterZip 5, this year’s major new version. The release went pretty smoothly and your feedback was great. Thank you!

Of course, the new version has a few problems and although we did a lot of testing, many things only come to light when a huge number of users start using an app in their own ways on their own diverse systems. I have been fixing bugs and smoothing out kinks non-stop the last couple of days and here’s what I fixed:

There are still a few open issues and I will keep working on them and release more fixes soon. Please be patient. And if you find any problems, please do get in touch and report them. Thanks!

BetterZip 5 is a paid upgrade. All users who bought a license on or after September 1st 2019 get the upgrade for free. Woohoo! Older licenses entitle you to a discounted upgrade: $9.99 for V3 and V4 licenses, $14.99 for V1 and V2 licenses (including those bought in the Mac App Store).

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