1. Have Your Key Resent

If you have lost your license key, enter the email address you used during registration below and your key will be sent to you immediately. Make sure your spam filter lets emails from macitbetter.com pass. If your email address changed, please contact me by mail.


2. Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Registration Keys

Q: I purchased BetterZip 2 in the Mac App Store. How can I upgrade to BetterZip 4?

A: Forward me the invoice email you received from Apple and I will send you a temporary key that lets you upgrade to BetterZip 4 for the discounted price of $9.99.

Q: I haven't received my key after I bought BetterZip.

A: If you are using a free email service like GMail, your transaction may be subjected to extended fraud checking, which is required by credit card companies. If your key doesn't arrive within 8 hours, please contact me.

Q: My registration key doesn't work.

A: Please, make sure that you copy the complete code (four lines of numbers and letters, possibly ending with an equal sign) into the text field in the registration window.

Compression and Extraction

Q: I want to extract an archive, but BetterZip asks for a password. What's that about?

A: The archive's creator probably encrypted the archive and protected it with a password. Ask the creator for the correct password. In rare cases the archive is corrupted, but BetterZip cannot recognize this. If you downloaded the archive from the Internet, try downloading it again. The password has nothing to do with the BetterZip registration code.

Q: I compressed a PDF, JPG, MP3, MOV, or AVI file, but the compressed file is not much smaller than the original file. What's wrong?

A: Nothing is wrong. Multimedia files like music, images, and videos are usually already compressed as good as possible. Compressing them with an archiver cannot squeeze out many more bytes from the file.

Q: I dragged a Pages, Numbers, Word, Excel, or Powerpoint document into an empty archive window. BetterZip did not add the document, but shows some funny files instead. What's wrong?

A: The document is actually a zip file. When you drag it into an empty window, BetterZip thinks that you want to open it and shows you the contents of the zip file instead of adding it to an empty archive. Hold down the command key while dropping a Pages document or any other archive into an empty BetterZip window. This will force BetterZip to add the file.

Q: Someone sent me this Word file and I couldn't open it, but BetterZip was able to extract it. Now Word cannot open the files I extracted.

A: You have probably received a new Word docx file, and use Word 2004. You should not extract such files, but instead get the Microsoft file converter from here. Install the converter and run your files through it. For further support with this, please contact Microsoft.

Q: Why doesn't BetterZip display the compressed sizes of files in tgz and tbz archives?

A: This is due to the way these formats work: First an uncompressed tar archive is created then this tar file is compressed with BZip2 or GZip, which are both limited to compressing one file. So, tar has no knowledge about the compression factors while GZip and BZip2 don't have knowledge about the contents of the tar file.

Other Questions

Q: How can I uninstall BetterZip?

A: First, disable the Finder button extension (only BetterZip 4.x): Go to BetterZip > Preferences > General and uncheck the option "Show BetterZip button in Finder windows". After that quit BetterZip and move BetterZip.app to the trash. Lastly, open the folder Library/Preferences in your home folder and remove the file com.macitbetter.betterzip.plist. That's all.

Q: I want to translate BetterZip into my language. But how?

A: Please contact me by email and I'll send you the necessary files. Thanks!

3. Get Support by Email

If your question is not answered above, you can contact me by email: