BetterZip 5.0 Released

Robert, 2020-06-17

I am happy to announce the release of BetterZip 5. There are many new features and improvements in this new version, both visible to you and behind the scenes.

I have made a page that lists all the exciting new things in BetterZip 5, but let me pick out a few that I like in particular:

There is a lot more stuff which is worth checking out.

BetterZip 5 is a paid upgrade. All users who bought a license on or after September 1st 2019 get the upgrade for free. Woohoo! Older licenses entitle you to a discounted upgrade: $9.99 for V3 and V4 licenses, $14.99 for V1 and V2 licenses (including those bought in the Mac App Store).

Thank you, Bartosz, Dino, Frank, Johnny, Nicolas, Victor, and Zelu for your help with the localizations and all the beta testers who participated!

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