This is an overview of the parts of the BetterZip main archive window:

  1. 1 The archive contents listing the files and folders in the archive together with their sizes and all available information. You can reduce the information overload by right-clicking the header of the list and hiding unneeded columns.
  2. 2 The favorites sidebar. You can put your favorite archive folders here. By default only archives in these folders will be shown, but you can use the buttons in the filter area (8) to change that.
  3. 3 The info area. It shows additional data for the selected file.
  4. 4 A preview of the selected file.
  5. 5 The toolbar. Note that the Save, View, Extract, and Delete buttons are dual action. Click for the main action or click and hold for a drop-down menu with additional actions. You can modify the behavior in BetterZip > Preferences > Advanced to make the buttons single-action and always show the menu.
  6. 6 Search field: Filter the contents of the archive to quickly locate files and folders that match your entry.
  7. 7 Navigation bar: You can navigate into folders in the archive contents listing (1). The navigation bar will show you where you are and you can use it for quick navigation and as a drop target when moving around or adding items in the archive.
  8. 8 The favorites filter area lets you filter the archives in the favorites tree (2). The first button on the right lets you hide later parts of multi-part archives, the second button lets you see all files instead of only archives.
  9. 9 The status bar shows some basic status infos about the archive and the selected items. In the left and the right corner small buttons allow you to quickly toggle the sidebars above.