The ZIP and RAR formats support adding comments to an archive that are stored in the archive only and won’t be extracted as extra files. BetterZip lets you view and edit these comments. To get to the comment editor open the preview sidebar (menu View > Preview) and don’t select any files in the main file list. You can now view and edit comments in the preview sidebar. When you are done, click the Save button in the overlay near the bottom of the comment editor. To revert to the original state click the Cancel button in the overlay. In “direct mode” the comment will be written to the archive immediately, in classic mode the comment will be written to the archive when you save it. If you save in a format that does not support archive comments, the comment will be lost.

The ZIP format also supports comments for individual files in the archive. BetterZip can display these comments, but you cannot save them. Also, if you open an archive with file comments and re-save the archive, these comments will be lost. Use “direct mode” to preserve file comments.